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Student housing market performance screenshot from College House web platform
Floor plan and average rate per bed student housing analytic data from College House web platform.
Student housing market performance screenshot from College House web platform
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Web Platform

Unlock your student housing potential with our comprehensive web platform. Gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, and optimize growth strategies with advanced analytics and intuitive reports.

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Database Explorer

Access historical and real-time College House data effortlessly. Customize your dashboards and reports using our seamless data feed. Experience direct, real-time access to live College House data.

Key Highlights

Data-Driven Insights for Student Housing.

Drill into property level performance metrics across the largest data set in student housing.

270+ Markets Tracked

React to and anticipate market trends from leasing to occupancy.

3K+ Properties Tracked

Analyze thorough market reports based on extensive property and university data.

1.1M+ Beds Tracked

Access unmatched data depth in the student housing industry.

Data you can Trust

Data Exports & Historical Data

Receive access to custom reporting upgrades. Learn more about the market data we track.

CSV or PDF Downloads

Download detailed reporting as PDF or CSV for any use.

Weekly Data Transfer

Optimize internal analysis and drive informed decision-making.

Historical Data

Week over Week, Month over Month, Year over Year.

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