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Developing a New Era of Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals.

House Analytics is empowering real estate professionals with data-driven insights to make informed decisions in the ever-changing market.

Established in 2019

270+ Collegiate Markets

3K+ Purpose Built Properties

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Who We Are

Our Mission

At House Analytics, our mission is clear: to empower commercial real estate professionals with data-driven insights that bolster their confidence in navigating a dynamic market. We specialize in delivering sector-specific data solutions, strategically positioning our clients ahead of the competition. Our commitment to timely and detailed analytics fuels our data intelligence efforts. Trust, reliability, and a culture of continuous improvement are the cornerstones of our approach, keeping us at the forefront of real estate analysis. Within our dynamic, forward-looking environment, innovation thrives, ensuring we support our clients in their pursuit of excellence and goal achievement.


Protecting your Data

In all our House Analytics solutions, data protection and privacy are paramount. We emphasize your information’s security through ongoing team education on the latest security measures, ensuring that product security is a central part of our approach. Whether you engage with our team, solutions, or platforms, you can trust that we prioritize the safety of your data.

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Our Leaders

The People Who Make it Possible

Charlie Matthews

Founder and CEO

Adrian Lawrence

Co-Founder, CTO

Leonard Bresler

Chief Operating Officer

Laura Chapman

Chief Product Officer