Charting the Course: College House CEO’s Outlook for Student Housing

Explore the dynamic landscape of student housing through the lens of College House's CEO and learn about Charlie Matthew's optimistic outlook for 2024.
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Since its launch in early 2020, College House has become the industry-leading analytics platform in student housing.

Reflections and Outlook from Founder and CEO, Charlie Matthews:

Student Housing is an asset class that more people should be talking about. By all means, our business is not the largest sector in commercial real estate, but it’s getting bigger (more to come on that) as more and more capital finds it way into deals.

When I speak with people not as versed in commercial real estate and mention College House is in “Student Housing” the immediate gut reaction is – “you mean like the party houses near campus?” – little do they know those party houses have evolved slightly. These communities now tower across the skyline in these college towns and come equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, like rooftop pools, golf simulators, coffee shops, zip lines… well maybe not ziplines (yet). But all in all, the college experience has been altered, for the better in my opinion, and it’s not going away.

2023 was an interesting year with incredible fundamentals & rent growth on the operating side of the business. The deal side was a little more challenging as The Fed continued to raise rates to combat inflation – a necessary evil I suppose – but deals still got done.

I met with countless new entrants into the space that had either been in the business before and getting back in, had “never done student but want some exposure” or repurposed those suburban office fund dollars and started leaning into student (aka something that an investment committee can see runway in).

What excites me most about 2024 is the momentum building in student housing. With the industry coming off 2+ years of strong fundamentals, tier 1 universities seeing increases in enrollment, and shallow levels of new supply, there is a lot of optimism in the space today and for the future.

I believe this year will present opportunities for growth and continued investment in the space. College House is excited to play a small part in the equation as we equip all players and stakeholders in the space with insights & solutions to add efficiency and make more informed decisions. 

Charlie Matthews

Founder and CEO of House Analytics 

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