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Discover actionable insights with our commercial real estate analytics solutions.

House Analytics is the trusted data provider of top commercial real estate companies:

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Why House Analytics

Pushing the Boundaries on Data Analytics.

At House Analytics, we believe in providing sector-specific, real-time data that enables our clients to stay ahead of the competition and seize new opportunities by providing impactful analytics. See below for our divisions:

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Who We Serve

Smarter Building for All.

We understand that each customer segment has unique requirements, and we go the extra mile to enable personalized insights, tailored specifically to their needs within their respective real estate sector.

How it Works

How We're Empowering Real Estate Pros.

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Expand Industry Understanding with Detailed Data Aggregation.

House Analytics excels in data aggregation, emphasizing precision and accuracy. We receive data directly from the source, ensuring the highest quality information, providing your business with reliable insights to drive your decision-making process.

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Elevate your Decision Making with Cutting-Edge Data Analysis.

House Analytics delivers advanced data analysis through dynamic visualizations, sector-specific insights, and detailed floor plan- level data. Empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence and precision.

House Analytics data analysis reports for on commercial real estate.

Develop a Deeper Understanding into Market Trends with Data Rich Reports.

Harness the market’s potential with College House and Senior House, offering tailor-made reports through the Web Platform dashboard and downloadable formats. Elevate your market strategy today.


Our Customers Love Data You Can Trust

Over the years College House has helped a range of trusted industry leaders leverage data — hear directly from our clients.

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Web Platforms

Our Commercial Real Estate Solutions.

Student Housing

College House offers a comprehensive industry overview as well as data points down to floor-plan level. With the sector's largest dataset, our user-friendly platform empowers you to respond to trends, enhance property performance, and make informed investments.

Seniors Housing

Senior House offers market insights and tailored industry metrics. The web platform, designed for senior housing professionals, integrates data visualizations with detailed insights. This toolkit empowers you to stay agile in response to trends, and elevate senior care services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our data solutions encompass a comprehensive range of sector-specific, near real-time metrics tailored to the needs of your specific industry. These insightful metrics encompass various aspects such as floor-plan level pre-lease and occupancy data, market rate per bed analysis, rental rate trends, in-depth community demographic information, details on building amenities, and valuable concession data, among others.

House Analytics obtains its data through a process that involves direct sourcing from our clients. Our data is collected through our dedicated datashare program, wherein we access and aggregate information directly from our clients’ internal property management systems.

House Analytics currently serves the commercial real estate industry through its two distinct brands: College House and Senior House. Each brand provides a tailored suite of data solutions and tools designed to address the unique requirements of their respective sectors. Within these markets, we collaborate with businesses of all sizes.

Connect with a team member today to schedule a product walk-through and personalized consultation. Gain valuable insights into how College House or Senior House can benefit your business!