College House Web Platform: Exciting Updates

At College House, our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction remains steadfast. Over the past two months, we've implemented significant updates to enhance your experience.
Distance to Campus College House Web Platform

Estimated Average Signed Rate

Understanding the Estimated Average Signed Rate:

  • We are excited to introduce a key performance indicator on our web platform—the Estimated Average Signed Rate. This metric provides a blended average of lease rates within specific unit types, offering a comprehensive view of pricing dynamics in student housing.  As a property adjusts its rates throughout the leasing cycle, the rates at which each bed is signed are averaged, providing insight into potential revenue at a given point in the cycle.  The Estimated Average Signed Rate allows the user to gain perspective on the achievements of individual properties, both at the unit and property level

How to Leverage It:

  • Discover the Estimated Average Signed Rate by logging into your account on our data web platform. Navigate to your desired market, select a property, and within the Property card, explore the Overview tab to unlock this valuable data visualization.
  • The Estimated Average Signed Rate acts as your compass for understanding the performance of different rate tiers, empowering you to optimize pricing strategies, grasp market trends, and maximize revenue potential.

Enhanced Feature: Automated Comparison Tool

Understanding Automated Comparison:

  • By leveraging properties’ Total Beds, Year Built, Distance to Campus and Property Type, College House is able to generate a comp set for any property within the platform.  Each respective comp is assigned a “Similarity Score” relative to the subject property selected.
  • Effortlessly compare key performance indicators such as Average Rate, Current Occupancy, and Pre-lease Occupancy with your comp set's metrics. Conveniently located in a property's details page, this feature enables automated comparisons for any property on the platform.

New Enhanced Reporting Upgrade Available

Enhanced Reporting Improvements: Available to Existing Enhanced Reporting Users Today!

  • Simplify and enhance your reporting process by selecting time frames with ease, incorporating unit-level bed counts for detailed performance insights, and refreshing reports instantly for up-to-the-minute data.
  • Enhanced Data Comprehension: Improve data interpretation with clear and concise report outputs featuring dollar and percentage signs, ensuring accessibility and visual clarity, while upgraded logic delivers more relevant time series data for informed decision-making in month-over-month and year-over-year reports.

If you're interested in upgrading your existing Web Platform capabilities reach out to to get started!

Additional Updates:

  • List and Card Views: Tailor your property browsing experience with precision using either a streamlined list view or a visually focused card view, complete with tab navigation for property details.
  • Full-Screen Map Navigation: Elevate your property exploration with a new full-screen map view, providing detailed landscapes, satellite manipulations, landmarks, and surrounding businesses—a valuable tool for strategic decision-making.
  • Distance to Campus: Experience a refined perspective on property proximity with updated metrics to track the distance from the edge of campus, providing increased context of each property's strategic positioning.
  • Recent Searches: Access your five most recent searches instantly from the global search bar dropdown menu for quick dives into markets, properties, and schools you analyze the most.

We believe these updates will empower you to make more informed decisions about your student housing business.

Log in today to explore these features!